Nina Bakery

Nina Bakery’s products range from small cocktail pita to XL pita and from round and oval to oblong shape. All products are available in wheat and whole wheat pita bread, with wheat za’atar breadsticks as the latest innovation.

If you would like to provide your customers with an artisanal product, that is slow baking processed and baked in a stone oven, with the best quality of entirely natural ingredients, for almost 80 years according to a family recipe, you should have them experience the Nina pita!

  • Pure recipe: flour, water, salt, yeast and fibers
  • Clean label
  • Slow baking process
  • Stone oven baked
  • Sour dough
Supplied fully baked frozen, great taste of freshly baked bread, ready to use after defrosting!

Certified quality for foodservice and retail

Need we say more…?

The combination of quality and convenience makes Nina’s pita the ideal choice for preparing your sandwiches, appetizers, meals and snacks. Offered fully baked frozen, Nina’s pita tastes incredibly fresh directly after defrosting or after warming up.

The look is authentic with a great taste and a smell of freshly baked bread. Because the pita opens as an even pocket, it’s ready immediately, to be filled for multiple purposes. The bread is airy, fluffy and moist, but remains stable while being prepared, filled and eaten. A Nina’s pita is a healthy alternative with a high level of nutritional fibers and is cholesterol free.

Preparing Instructions

Keep in the freezer at -18ºC, but do not refreeze.

For cold eating

Defrost in a plastic bag on a rack at roomtemperature. Depending on size, the pita is ready for use within 2 hours.

For warm eating

Convection oven with steam:
Warm the pita in a preheated oven for max. 5 min. at 120°C, add steam for max. 30 sec direct after inserting the pita in the oven.

Convection oven without steam:
Sprinkle the pita with some water and insert and warm the pita in a preheated oven for max. 5 min. at 120°C.


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